The Zombie Apocalypse hits North Korea

You're the only contact a woman has who is stuck in North Korea at the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, and the only tools you have to save her life are text messages and your knowledge of the country. It's up to you to guide her towards fantastic success or catastrophic failure.

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A massive branching story

Help Me! North Korea is a choose-your-own-adventure game for the modern world, and your choices change the trajectory of the story in major ways, leading to dozens of endings and vastly different outcomes.

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Grow your knowledge to survive

The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea is a mysterious and isolated country, with little information entering or leaving its borders. Arm yourself with real knowledge of the country to better guide your contact to success.

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Play in Real Time

Your decisions are important and will often take time to execute - but don't worry, she'll get back to you later with a notification (if she survives).

Know your environment

Help Me! North Korea is heavily based on the actual geography of the country, and by using the in-game map you can see exactly where you are for every important decision. Wise use of the map can lead you to making better and more informed choices.

Unravel the Conspiracy

In order to fully solve the mystery behind the outbreak you'll have to play through all of the story lines, sometimes multiple times. Use the Warp system to jump in and out of the story to any time and place you'd like, and make sure you don't miss a detail.

Gameplay Trailer

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